Why Charcoal?

🪨 Charcoal is approved by The World Health Organization for treatment in removing toxins/poisons from the body.

🪨 Filters and purifies water 💦

🪨 Improves kidney health by reducing gastrointestinal damage and inflammation (National Institutes of Health).

🪨 Reduces Chronic Intestinal Gas (European Food Safety Authority)

🪨 Reduce or Stop Diarrhea by extracting the bacteria or toxin (tandfonline)

🪨 Draws micro-particles, such as dirt, dust, chemicals, toxins, and bacteria, to the surface of the skin

🪨 Absorbs smells and harmful gasses.

🪨 Absorbs excess moisture and can control humidity levels at a micro level.

🪨 Antibacterial effects on wounds by absorbing harmful microbes (Medical News Today).


European Food Safety Authority

Medical News Today


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